Creating an inspirational learning environment in a classroom can be both a fun and frustrating experience for educators. One way to quickly and inexpensively do this is to put up thought-provoking wall art. Here are three ways to decorate your wall space without breaking the bank.

1.  Take a trip to the dollar store – surprisingly, dollar stores can be a great place to find educational posters for your classroom. Often you’ll find posters related to reading and learning basic math facts.

If you teach middle or high school, you can sometimes find posters that include beautiful photographs of nature. Print out an inspiring quote on paper and glue it to the poster to create your own semi-home made motivational poster!

2. Browse through old magazines – another great place to look for wall art is in old magazines. If you’re creative you can even design a collage with images and phrases or even tear out some of the more creative ads that include only text and place them in inexpensive frames. Some magazines like GOOD actually provides free posters with beautiful infographics that would make perfect wall art for a middle or highschool classroom.

3. Look Online – with a little bit of effort you can find some websites that offer free downloadable posters. If you feel adventurous you can even try downloading some free vector graphics or clip art to create your own. Upload the poster to your local print store and then pick it up within 24 hours. Sites like and also offer posters that are hard to find and of very high quality.

Got any other ideas for beautiful wall art for your classroom? Share them here.