Finding good fonts is hard – finding good free fonts that are easy to read can be even harder! Here are three fonts that we think will work well for various types of posters and flyers and any of your print related projects.

Sweet and Readable

If you’re looking for an alternative to the omnipresent Comic Sans (something cute and child-like that resembles handwriting) we recommend the Bookworm font available for free on the website Bookworm is an adorable font that would work well on classroom flyers and posters. It’s readable and cute at the same time.

Cute and Whimsical

The KissmeKissmeKissme font is a fun and whimsical font that works well as the title on a flyer,  newsletter or poster. While having a whole page of this to read might be ‘a bit much’ this is sure to be a hit with students. Available for free download on

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Cool and Comic

The Komika Poster font works well for creating posters aimed at middle and highschool students. It’s also great for students trying to make their own comic strips or presentations because of how readable it is.

Cool and Comic Fonts

Clean and Clear

Similar to Century Gothic, this sans serif font called Quicksand is perfect for use on blocks of text and is available for free download on It’s clean lines make it very readable and easy on the eyes.

Nice Readable site

Elegant and Classy

While not as legible as the rest of the fonts in this post, Scriptina is a beautiful feminine font that  makes you think of wedding invitations and fancy schmancy parties, and so we thought we’d  include it here. Available for free download from it would be perfect for use on  flyers, cards and posters designed for bridal showers and gala dinners.

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Got any other favorite free fonts? Please share them by leaving a comment.

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