An ideal poster for the teachers’ lounge, this would also make a great gift for a teacher friend when printed, matted and placed in a beautiful frame.

“Teaching is 25% preparation and 75% theater” – would any educator disagree?

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If you’re looking for some free posters to decorate your classroom this fall, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got inspirational posters that will not only motivate but hopefully also add a decorative touch to your walls.

This first poster continues to be one of our most-downloaded and seems to have a message that appeals to many different age groups. Print it, laminate it or frame it and encourage your students to “believe.”

We’ll be highlighting more posters over the course of the next few weeks so stay tuned!

We are really happy to share with you that featured us on their ‘Cool Websites and Tools’ section on 21st May. ┬á is a cool website with loads of information on stuff that you can use. Check out the post on poster-street by clicking on the banner below.

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A colleague at work showed this to me and I loved it! The music, the graphics, the typography — what a breath of fresh air in the stock photo-filled inspirational movie world! Check out more great movies at Box of Crayons.

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A friend of mine recently asked me what prompted me to start this site. I told her that I’ve always been a sap for anything inspirational or motivational. There have been many occasions when a well-timed quote has saved me from a “dark night of the soul” or prompted me to just get up and get going.

A quote on it’s own is enough. A book of quotes to me is sometimes too much to absorb. It would be like looking at 20 beautiful sunrises at once. Each amazing but too much for one sitting. I used to make books of quotes when I was a geeky teenager. But I know better now, I think. Quotes are not be devoured but savored.

After a while, a quote may not ring true for you any more. What’s most powerful about wit and wisdom also has to do with its timing. Five years or even five months from now, a quote that motivated you to change your life may not be what you need to see taped to your bathroom mirror. Or maybe you cease to see it at all. And then it’s time for a new saying to take it’s place.

So, I wondered if people might like inspirational or witty quotes that were combined with simple designs that could be printed for free at home on 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper. Because I would and I hadn’t been able to find any online.

And that’s why I started this site.

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It is Teacher Appreciation Week in the United States and, May 4, is the official “Teacher Appreciation Day”. At we created this little free digital story using PowerPoint and SlideShare as a way to celebrate the wonderful work teachers do every day.

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I’m so excited to announce this feature I can hardly contain myself! :)

On Friday, I received an email from Nelba from Argentina, asking if it would be possible to create a way to embed our free posters in blogs or websites (just like you embed YouTube videos). We thought this was a great idea and our very talented programmer got to work right away. I’m thrilled to report that early this morning, this new feature was rolled out for everyone to enjoy.

how to embed images

How it works:

1. Find the poster you’d like to embed.

2. Copy the little piece of code to the right of the image (see image above) by right clicking and selecting copy or using a keyboard short cut (CTRL + C). We’ll add a copy button soon.

3. Paste the code into your blog post. In Blogger click on the EDIT HTML tab, in WordPress just click on the HTML tab.

Let us know what you think and once again, thank you, Nelba for this great idea!

What’s the cutest, funniest, or wisest thing your child has ever said to you?

Leave a comment on our Facebook Fanpage and share your child’s wisdom with the world. The top quote (as judged by the most number of “likes”) will receive a $100 Amazon gift voucher. The top ten quotes will also be made into free posters for everyone to enjoy and you and your child’s story will be highlighted on our blog.

To enter just follow these easy steps:

1. Leave a comment and include your little one’s first name and age (example, Sarah – 2 yrs)

2. Invite your friends to “like” it

That’s it!

You are free to post as many quotes as you like — just remember the one with the most ‘likes’ wins the “grand” prize!

Contest ends on May 7, 2010.

The Fine Print
A $100 gift voucher will be emailed to the lucky winner. For more information on how to redeem your voucher and terms and conditions, please click here.

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The slide deck says it all. This is meant for teachers of all kinds. Inspiring.
View more presentations at slideshare

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