A friend of mine recently asked me what prompted me to start this site. I told her that I’ve always been a sap for anything inspirational or motivational. There have been many occasions when a well-timed quote has saved me from a “dark night of the soul” or prompted me to just get up and get going.

A quote on it’s own is enough. A book of quotes to me is sometimes too much to absorb. It would be like looking at 20 beautiful sunrises at once. Each amazing but too much for one sitting. I used to make books of quotes when I was a geeky teenager. But I know better now, I think. Quotes are not be devoured but savored.

After a while, a quote may not ring true for you any more. What’s most powerful about wit and wisdom also has to do with its timing. Five years or even five months from now, a quote that motivated you to change your life may not be what you need to see taped to your bathroom mirror. Or maybe you cease to see it at all. And then it’s time for a new saying to take it’s place.

So, I wondered if people might like inspirational or witty quotes that were combined with simple designs that could be printed for free at home on 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper. Because I would and I hadn’t been able to find any online.

And that’s why I started this site.

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