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Ten-Minute Office Wall Art

Looking for quick ways to dress up your office or cubicle walls? Here are three projects that you can complete in just ten minutes (or an afternoon, depending on how much effort you want to put it into them!)

  • Post-it Art

    This idea was inspired by the following YouTube video . Using each post it note as a tile, create an interesting design, one neon-colored note at a time! Like pac man? Create a sticky note version of it. Really into Moroccan art? Try recreating a design with just two or three more subdued tones. If you get tired of your masterpiece, no worries. Just keep changing it around for endless possibilities.

  • Wonder Wall Stickers

    Beautiful wall stickers can be purchased at most home decorating stores. I got mine at Ikea for under $10. Cut around them first so you can freely move them around until you find just the right design. Then tear up a sheet of gold wrapping paper and stick them on quickly. Place your completed work of art in a pre-matted frame and voila! You’re good to go! Make two big pictures that you can hang side by side for added visual interest.

  • Magazine Mantras

    Many business magazines contain advertisements with beautiful typography. Quickly flip threw some and tear out words that ‘speak’ to you. Place these words on a solid sheet of black construction paper (a simple-patterned wrapping paper will work too) to create a phrase or mantra that’s short and uplifting like “Dare to Dream” or something funny and ironic. Place this in a smart frame and hang it up for office art that will wow your coworkers.

It doesn’t take a lot to create a work area that’s the envy of your coworkers. Just some paper, frames and a little bit of imagination can give you the most-talked about space in the office!

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