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5 Creative Ways to Brighten up Your Cubicle Walls

Most cubicles are drab (to say the least). Surrounded by grey or white walls and crammed into a small workspace, aren't the best ways to inspire imagination. Thankfully, you can add some spark to your cubicle with a few pieces of office wall art and carefully chosen posters. Most office wall decor is also inexpensive - good news to anyone who doesn't want to spend a fortune on a cubicle space!

Creative Office Wall Art
Office wall decor can be unique and imaginative. Office wall art can also be inspirational. Take a look at the innovative ideas listed below.
  1. Distinctive Decoupage: nothing is easier than pasting some great photos on to a simple background. Purchase a large piece of paper, and add your favorite pictures, business cards, or scraps of colorful paper.
  2. Label Wall: if you're a lover of a particular product, great wines for example, why not create a label wall? Cover a bulletin board with your favorite labels. Not only is this an expensive way to create office wall decor, but you'll also be constantly reminded of the things you love.
  3. Unique Conference Posters: there are plenty of conference posters that can actually double as distinctive office wall art that not only reflects your style but your interests as well. Many of these contain unique images and useful information that can serve as good conversation pieces with your coworkers.
  4. Perfect Postcards: awe-inspiring and artsy postcards shouldn't be kept at home. If you haven't amassed a collection of these, eBay, Craig's List and even second hand book stores can be good places to find them. Paste these colourful mini works of art on to a large piece of cardboard for a unique look.
  5. Beautiful Infographics : Many sites contain beautifully illustrated data visualizations. You might be surprised at what a quick online search on some specific key words related to your industry plus the word infographics will turn up. Alternatively you can also often order these from professional associations or magazines.

No matter what kind of office wall art you settle on, take the extra time to find ways to personalize your space. Studies have shown that personalizing an office space will help you connect with the area around you. This, in turn, makes being productive easier. While you might not be able to do anything about the look of your entire office, you can certainly work on making your cubicle the one that people don't mind stopping by.
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