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How to Use Posters to Decorate Your Office

World maps, vintage movie stars, and far-away places can be a great way to share your personality and act as inspirational conversation-starter. Posters that reflect your passions, favorite places, and business are a great way to spruce up any office. Office posters come in all shapes and sizes. Finding the right business posters for you is merely a matter of knowing whats out there.

Innovative Office Posters
What inspires you? Are there images or memories that may help make your day go more smoothly? Office posters were designed to help cubicle-dwellers find encouragement throughout the course of a long day. Popular business poster themes include:
  • Ancient World Maps: there s something both elegant and intriguing about old world maps. The yellowed paper and subdued tones not only add an air of sophistication, but can also be great reminders of the passage of time and ideas.
  • Important Business Places: from Wall Street to Tokyo s bustling business center, staring at a poster of iconic places of commerce can be one way to feel connected to the global economy.
  • Great Cities & Landscapes: Paris, Rome, the island of Bali - the great architectural cities of the world can inspire feelings of grandeur while gazing at wind-swept beaches and golden sunsets can often counteract the less than inspiring views of city traffic!
  • Powerful Quotes: is there a quote that ignites your passion? A well-worded phrase that lends clarity to your day? Words to live by can be found on a number of office posters. Find one that gets you going, place it in a beautiful frame and hang it up where you ll see it every day.
  • Street Signs: signs that read "Maximum Speed - 100" or "Caution: Minds at Work" have the power to get creative juices flowing. They often inspire smiles among coworkers and fit well in high-intensity work environments.

Tasteful Office Posters
A quick word of warning to anyone considering putting up posters that are 'risqué . No matter how liberal your office may be, it s always a good idea to choose tasteful office posters. Posters that depict nude scenes, offensive language, or distasteful cartoons should be avoided.

The good news is that there are more than enough excellent office posters available to make any office unique and personalized. Your work space should reflect your thoughts and ideals - make sure to create one that reveals 'you !

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