Graphs make great posters! Check out some of these free online graphing tools and create your own posters with information from your classroom (or office!)

Collect data from your students about their likes, background and/or hobbies and make a beautiful visual display that will also help them remember the different graph types. Create bar graphs, pie charts, line graphs, histograms, scatter plots, box plots and even stem and leaf displays. For early elementary students you can even use clip-art to create pictographs.

Here are a few online tools to get you started.

1. NCES Create-a-graph

2. ChartGo

3. Online Chart Tool

4. Pie Color

5. Hohli Online Charts Builder

Kid-friendly warning: While the Create-a-graph tool is from the National Center for Education Statistics and is targeted at students, the others are aimed at businesses and a couple of these tools are ad-supported.